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💡 The Genius List: Our Top Product Recommendations

Here are our top product picks for parents. While we certainly have recommendations for staples like diapers, our hope is that you can discover some life-changing products you would never have even considered.


What are your must haves?

We’re always looking to evaluate more products. If you have any suggestions of things we should consider adding to The Genius List, email us at [email protected].

A Tylenol Alternative, Without the Added Junk

Children’s Tylenol and most of its generic alternatives include some pretty suspect additives, like intense artificial sweeteners. Though it isn’t life or death, it is nice to avoid that stuff, where possible.

Genexa Kids’ Pain and Fever Reducer provides the same dose of acetaminophen, without the added junk. Right now, it’s actually cheaper than regular old Children’s Tylenol!

The Default Nighlight

Egg Nightlight

A simple, portable egg nightlight is enough for almost every situation. They’re less than $20 and easy to use while half-asleep. Although we love the Hatch for its do-it-all technology, most people won’t find it worth 3.5x the price for the built-in sound machine and mobile app.

Meal Time Must-Have

splat mat

Non-slip splat mats let your kids eat more adventurously while minimizing clean-up time. These will quickly pay for themselves in paper towel savings.

Travel Tote

Bagsmart hanging travel bags store all the kids essentials and clip to the back of a car or airplane seat. It’s much easier to get what you need out of this instead of a cavernous, single pocket backpack.

Turn Every Cup Into a Sippy Cup

Boon SNUG Spout silicone sippy lids turn just about any cup into a sippy cup. Stop matching a specific top to each cup.

Discrete Soft Toy Storage

Storage bean bag encourages cleaning because stuffing toys inside make it cushy. And, it cuts down on clutter. That’s an amazing combo.

Carry Your Kid, and Their Stuff

A hip carrier works for a surprisingly wide age range (8 to 50 pounds!) and includes lots of storage.

For Cooling and Sleeping

A rechargeable “stroller” fan attaches to anything (including the back of front-row car seats) to either keep your kids cool or provide nice, nap inducing white noise.

Go Anywhere High Chair

Inglesina Fast Table Chair attaches to counters and table tops, folds flat, and goes through the laundry machine.

Go Anywhere High Chair

Portable blackout curtains increase the nap-ability of any room. At home or on the road, everyone will get better sleep.