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💡 How accurate is your child’s thermometer?

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A quick, no-touch thermometer

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How accurate is you child’s thermometer?

When it comes to taking your child's temperature, accuracy might seem paramount. However, it's reassuring to know that you generally don't need to worry about the precision of your thermometer. According to pediatricians and healthcare professionals, the exact degree of a fever is not as crucial as you might think. The difference between, say, 102° and 103° is not significant in most cases. It's most important to recognize if your child has a fever and respond accordingly.

Why knowing about a fever matters

Detecting a fever in your child is useful for a few reasons. First, it helps you decide whether they are fit to attend school or if they need rest. Second, after taking medication, a fever’s persistence or resolution speaks to the effectiveness of the medication. That said, positive change in your child's mood and comfort level is often a better, more meaningful indicator of medication effectiveness. If they seem to feel better after medication, that's a good sign regardless of the number on the thermometer.

Balancing accuracy with convenience

While precision is important, the convenience of a particular thermometer shouldn't be overlooked. A thermometer that requires minimal contact and provides quick results can be invaluable, especially with a restless child. Most thermometers, including  digital, in-ear, and forehead types, offer sufficient accuracy to categorize a fever as low, moderate, or high. This classification is typically enough to inform next steps.

Action item

Choose a thermometer that balances accuracy with ease of use. It's normal for readings to vary slightly between measurements. Focus on the broader picture: does your child have a fever, and how are they feeling overall? This approach will serve you well in managing their health.

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