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“Parenthood…it’s about guiding the next generation and forgiving the last.” - Peter Krause


What To Do When Your Child Hits You?

It may not alway seem like it, but it’s a good sign that young kids and toddlers explore boundaries and new forms of communication. Our reactions to their behavior help shape their understanding of the world. Here are three positive ways to react when your child hits you. These will help discourage hitting while maintaining your relationship.

First, avoid dramatic reactions like “Ouch! That really hurts!” Instead, try to redirect them with a more appropriate behavior. For example, “Excuse me, you can’t hit me. If you want my attention you can get it like this.”

Second, avoid judgement like “Don’t be so mean,” or “Stop acting like a baby.” Try curiosity instead: “What are you trying to tell me?”

Finally, set boundaries. And then, follow through. For example, after saying “you are not allowed to hit me,” if the behavior continues, you can create a physical barrier with a pillow or create some distance to stop further hitting.

With patience and persistence, you’ll get through this phase.


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  • In the United States, what percentage of newborns are twins?

  • When does a child’s brain reach its full size?


  • Babies’ smell receptors have developed by 10 weeks, in the first trimester of pregnancy. They start to smell in the womb and become familiar with the scent of their amniotic fluid.

  • 12 to 19 month olds average average 2,368 steps and 17 falls per hour, according to a detailed study in 2012.


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